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I just realized (a bit late) that it’s been a year since I posted my first podfic, The Progress of Sherlock Holmes, to Amplificathon.

I’m so ridiculously glad that I made the decision to toss caution and nerves and doubt to the wind and throw my hand in at podficcing. I’m richer in friendships, confidence, skill, knowledge, and sheer joy than I could have ever imagined when I decided to start participating in fandom culture in the only way I knew how a year ago. 

So, yes, I suppose I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me along the way, to every friend I’ve made, and to every person who’s ever told me that what I do had a positive impact on their experience as a fan, or just as a person. Thanks especially to Ivy for the permission to podfic her phenomenal story, and to all the writers who’ve given me permission to podfic their work since. It’s really meant the world to me, and I’m so grateful for every single one of you guys. 

On that note, in case anyone wants to give the old girl a re-listen or rec it to a friend, here she is :)

xo Cellar Door

  1. afrogeekgoddess said: You are one of my Very Favorite People. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.
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    whether you’ve read The Progress of Sherlock Holmes or not, I wholeheartedly recommend that you give this podfic a...
  3. elaineofshalott said: Like times a lot! I’m forever awed by the fact that you chose to make this seven-hour epic as your first-ever podfic. We in listener-land are very grateful to have you!
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    I agree. This is an absolutely beautiful fic. Read/listen to it.
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    Podfic is basically an audiobook, right?
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    This remains one of my favorite podfics.
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    Fanwork is awesome. Cellar Door is spectacular. Happy anniversary, my darling!
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    My favourite podfic, one of my favourite fics. If you are into podfics, I can’t recommend this particular one enough....
  9. pennypaperbrain said: Podfic moar! You said once you wanted to do some BDSM podfic… there are shorts out there if you don’t want a big time investment… *claspy hands*
  10. otterondeck said: skldjlksafjd SERIOUSLY THAT WAS YOUR FIRST PODFIC. BUT IT’S SO GOOD. YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Also, badass as *balls* to take on such an epic project as your first.
  11. thetardisissherlocked said: I just re-downloaded TPoSH today! It got deleted somehow and that made me SO sad. But now I have it again and I can roll around in the gloriousness of the most perfect podfic ever! Happy podfic-anniversary and THANK YOU for all of your work!
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